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    Online Registration for Individuals or Small Groups

To register individual volunteers or groups of 6 people or fewer, ShareAGift registers volunteers online using EVENTZILLA:

  Wednesday, December 14  Toy Shop Setup  (Volunteer Registration is FULL for this day)

Thursday, December 15  Toy Shop Setup (Volunteer Registration is FULL for this day)

Friday, December 16 Toy Shop Setup (Volunteer Registration is FULL for this day)

Saturday, December 17  Toy Shop Setup  / Toy Distribution (Volunteers needed!)

Sunday, December 18  Toy Shop Packup (Volunteers needed!)

Having difficulties when attempting to register with Eventzilla ?  Make sure to allow cookies and scripts to run in your browser temporarily before  going on to Eventzilla  page.

  Registration for Larger Groups

If you need to register a group of more than 6 people:

BEFORE registering, emailing or calling, please FIRST read and review all of our volunteer information:




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