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    Online Registration for Individuals or Small Groups

For individual volunteers or groups of 6 people or fewerShareAGift registers volunteers online using (new this year):

  Wednesday, December 13 — Toy Shop Setup (good for kids/families)
Thursday, December 14 — Toy Shop Setup (good for kids/families)
Friday, December 15 — Toy Shop Setup (good for kids/families)
Saturday, December 16 — Toy Distribution (SORRY, NO CHILDREN under age 16 volunteering in the Toy Shop this day)
Sunday, December 17 — Toy Shop Pack-up

Register by clicking on the button below
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 Click to Register for Share-A-Gift Volunteering on

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  Registration for Larger Groups

If you need to register a group of more than 6 people:

  email our Volunteer Coordinator at (preferred), or
  call  (720) 446-TOY1 (8691)

BEFORE registering, emailing or calling, please FIRST read and review all of our volunteer information:




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